Feb. 16-23: Improved Candidate-to-Employee Process

New sick leave notifications, improvements to the hiring process, and more.

πŸ†• New Features

Sick leave notifications: πŸ€’ Managers now receive an email notification when an employee requests sick leave.

πŸš€ Improvements


Candidate certificates: 🏡️ Candidate certificates are now automatically brought over to the employee record when a candidate becomes an employee.

Candidate skills: 🎨 Likewise, candidate skills are also copied when a candidate becomes an employee.

Comment counter: πŸ”’ We've added a counter to the comments box in the Employee Hub so you can keep track of how many comments are in a thread.

🐞 Bug Fixes

Upcoming absence allowances: πŸ”§ Fixed a bug that caused upcoming absence allowances (i.e. next year's vacation days) to show in the number of available vacation days on the Employee page.