Welcome to the flair Developer Center

Configure your flair solution for success with setup guides, customization tips, and release notes.

What Is flair?

flair is a flexible HR and recruiting platform, helping organizations to centralize their people data and simplify their people processes. Leveraging the Salesforce platform, we have designed flair to be customizable, configurable, and extensible.

What Can You Find in the Developer Center?

In our Developer Center, you will find:

  • Guides to help you setup and configure flair
  • Tips for customizing various parts of the platform
  • A changelog containing release notes.

Who Is the Developer Center For?

The content in our Developer Center is aimed at Salesforce admins, developers, and HR admins. You will require admin permissions in flair to carry out the majority of the processes described here.


For guides and tutorials explaining how to use flair as an employee, manager, or other user without admin rights, please visit our Help Center.