How to Configure the Employee Hub Data Layout

Need to get your Employee Hub up and running in Salesforce Setup? Follow our guide for configuring the perfect layout for your Employee Hub My Data page.

Let's get you ready to onboard staff to their personal work portal.

From the Salesforce Setup page, enter Object Manager into the Quick Find search box, then select Employee (in Object Manager).

Next, select Page Layouts from the lefthand menu bar.
Now we are ready to create a new page layout for your Employee Hub.

Next, click New → Select Employee Layout in the Existing Page Layout dropdown menu → input the name using the following naming convention: Employee Hub: RecordTypeName (for instance, Employee Hub: Germany) → click Save.

It is important to note that the Employee Hub: RecordTypeName is based on the record type names you have created. For example, if you created a Record Type called Switzerland. The above Page Layout Name would be Employee Hub: Switzerland.

Use the drag-and-drop to select/deselect your chosen fields and customize where you want to place fields such as Name, Nationality, Home Address, Tax ID, and Payroll Cost Center. Then click Save.


You have now created your Employee Hub My Data page layout for your staff.